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Bathrooms Remodeled

Getting more out of a small space is a key consideration when remodeling a bathroom. Updated plumbing, fixtures, and mirrors can make all the difference. See what our designer came up with on a few recent projects . . .

Bathroom remodel

Hinds Family, Corvallis

the Hinds Family bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel

Three Strands has remodeled our home four times in 17 years. We appreciate their expertise, their professionalism, their friendly demeanor and the quality of their work.

It was very convenient allowing Three Strands to select, schedule, and let subcontractors in and out. Eliminating one bathroom entrance created more closet in the bedroom. Their designer had good suggestions for increasing the natural light in our bathroom, and enabled placing a spa tub in the dormer to give a feel of luxury and space to a small room.

Kemper Family, Corvallis